My Experience with a lesbian housemaid.

story by Anne

This story is about my experience with my lesbian house help. I’ve healed from it. But, this is the actual story. I’d try to be as explicit as possible.

Well, I remember this day in particular. Mom had gone to work, I was in my neighbour’s house. She came to pick me up and we got home. Then, she placed me on the bed and put one of her breasts in my mouth. Thinking about this makes me want to puke.

I did suck her breasts and she ground me. You may ask, how did I feel? I felt indifferent. It was strange and I wasn’t feeling anything sexually.

I remember kisses. The memory is kind of blurry but I do know that I was kissed. Yuck!

You may also ask, have I ever thought of being a lesbian? Nah, I haven’t and I still wouldn’t want to be one.

Did this affect me psychologically? Well, I enjoyed watching porn and that was it!

Do I feel dirty? At some point, I felt dirty, I felt impure but, I know I’m as holy as God.

Well, this experience would always be in my memory. But, the point of this article is to tell us that there is nothing you can’t heal from. Whether molestations of any kind or whatever you have done. God heals heart wounds of all sorts. I’ve gone through a lot of crazy experiences which I would share later.

Life is beautiful and there is so much colour in you to make life more beautiful. Never allow your experiences to make you exude a bad smell. Exude as much fragrance as you can. Also, do not be toxic, allow people to love you.


I saw the this same lady two years back and to be honest, I wanted to give her a good beating. But, I’ve healed from the whole experience. I harbour no ill-feeling towards her.

Do you have a life experiences you want to share with us. pls go ahead and contact us.

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